Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"What is this that you have done?"


I feel like this project is already significantly bigger than I anticipated. After my last post, I shared my blog on Facebook, and my sister ended up sharing it, too. That night, it got 131 views. I've heard from several people already that they want to attempt to join in on this project, too - my sister included. How incredible is that? We could be starting a movement of hand-written Bibles, here!

So I just wanted to say thanks to anyone who's keeping up with this, and good luck to anyone who wants to join in! Don't feel like you have to do it in a year. This is a really absurd goal that I've chosen, and while I feel like it's right for me, it definitely isn't going to work for everyone. So write a chapter a week. Or one chapter a month. I don't care.

The one thing I ask is that you consider this prayerfully before taking it on. I didn't choose to do this because I thought it would be a neat art project, or even because it will make an awesome family heirloom when I'm ninety. Both are true, however, my ultimate goal in this is to awaken to the greatness of our God in a way previously unknown to me.

And, so far, I would say that has been successful.

There's nothing like slowing down and hand-writing something to make me admire the beauty of it. Especially growing up in church, there are parts of the Bible that just become commonplace. And that's so sad, because the writing really is so beautiful.

Through this endeavor, the story of creation has already been revealed to me in a way I never really got before. It is strikingly beautiful. There's this verse, Genesis 2:6, that's stuck with me since I copied it, particularly on these foggy mornings we've been having lately.

"and a mist was going up from the land and was watering the whole face of the ground"

It brings to mind this sort of breath-taking stillness and peace. It's poetic, and lovely, and I am so glad that I've slowed down enough to really see it.

Another thing that has struck me so far is also from Genesis. I've only copied down four chapters from Genesis at this point. We're still right in the beginning. But already, God has asked people not once, but twice, "What have you done?"

First, he asks Eve in the garden. "What is this that you have done?" (Genesis 2:13), and then again, he asks Cain after he kills Abel, "What have you done?" (Genesis 4:10, which is actually another really powerful string of words. "And the LORD said, 'What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood is crying out to me from the ground.'"  The emphasis is mine, but talk about impact.)

So, here we are, the very beginnings of humanity. Have you ever had a moment with someone where something happens, something terrible, and you are just beside yourself, feeling hurt and confused and horrified by what has happened? I feel like that's how God was feeling both times he asked this question. I can practically hear the hurt in his voice, asking "What have you done?"

I'm curious to see how many more times he asks us this throughout the course of the Bible. And, interestingly enough, the first thought that came to mind after reading this was Jesus on the cross, saying "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34). 

How often do we do things that leave God just astounded at our lack of obedience? I can tell you that, for me, it's probably more often than I'd like to think about. 

I'm excited to see that God is already teaching me through this, and I'm anxious (in the best way possible) to see what comes next!


  1. Thank you for sharing this expirience with us! I am so excited to read your blog and your journey through this process of yours.

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  3. Just wanted to let you know how I much I enjoyed reading your blog today. Your project is not only going to change and transform your life but the lives of those who follow your journey. Thanks for allowing me to be blessed through this - I am looking forward to the year ahead!